A vow everyone can take!

I’m vowing to never say “you made me this way” to anyone. Because not only does that make you look dumb, but it also gives the impression that that person has some kind of power over you to be able to control your emotions and how you act. Regardless of the situation (whether it be a break up, argument, whatever) or who it’s with (significant other, friend, family member) you should never give someone the power to control your emotions at any given time. I’m not saying you should never let yourself be upset or share how you feel about a situation with someone, but you have to know how to successfully portray your emotions without given someone a chance to take more of an “upperhand” and give them the power to be able to work you like a puppet with a sentence or action. We all need to hold ourselves with a higher regard and know how to handle situations we come across in a mature way. It would save everyone a lot more pain and annoyance with life in general, and help to keep people from thinking they can just manipulate everyone around them like a shitty marionette show. Image